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Dematting is one of those pet care activities that dog owners do not engage in often. This is because some believe that dematting, especially when you do it regularly, will reduce the attractiveness of their pets. But that is far from the case

Benefits Of Dematting Your Dog

Some dog owners only do dematting for their dogs once in a while. In fact, a few don’t do it at all. However, dematting is much more than a routine grooming task. It holds a lot of benefits for your dog’s health and beauty. We discuss some of the reasons why you should do dematting for your dog more frequently.

It is true that a lot of furs on your dog's body can make it really attractive. However, a lot can become too much sometimes. After some time, the fur growth becomes too excessive and starts to defeat the purpose of beauty. In fact, this excess fur can make the dog start looking unattractive. When this happens, it becomes necessary for you to demat the body of your dog. 

During the dematting process, excess and non-useful fur is stripped off. Your dog can then regain its beauty.

While your dog's hair is important for beauty purposes, it may be harmful to the dog's health. The furs of dogs are a primary breeding place for all sorts of insects including fleas and ticks. These insects are dangerous organisms that can transmit diseases and infections to your dog.

Also, they can serve as channels through which your dog gets to contract a host of other illnesses and infections. All of these work together to severely weaken your dog's immune system, and this can lead to adverse consequences.

Apart from regular removal and treatment of these ticks and fleas, you may consider dematting the body of the dog to reduce the amount of hair which they can fester upon.

Not all the huge amounts of hairs on the body of your dog are healthy. Some may be "dead fur" which are no longer useful to your dog and may even be somewhat harmful.

Also hidden in the hairs may be harmful but stubborn dirts, which will be difficult for a normal bath to remove. All of these, you get to discover and fix when you dematt regularly.

Hidden inside some of the plenty of furs on the body of your dog may be abnormalities and problems in the skin of the dog. But due to the heavy amount of hairs, you may not get to see them easily.

For instance, there may be inflammations, rashes and dry patches in the skin, which may be symptoms of underlying conditions. Regular dematting will enable you to notice all of these early and you will be able to fix them as soon as possible.

We provide high-quality dematting services, the type you will not find around.

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Why Come To Us For Your Dematting

One not-so-common, but important aspect of overall dog care is dog walking. As you will agree with us, the benefits of this are endless, and, thus, it is crucial to incorporate this into your regular pet care routine.

Dematting is commonly known not to be a palatable experience for pets. However, we have been in this for a long time and know how best to properly deliver proper dematting without causing pain to your pet.

Upon completion of the dematting process, we then take your beloved pet through quality post-dematting care. All the hair and skin problems we discovered during the dematting will be fixed.

At the end of the day, your dog comes out of the process with a fresh and glowing skin.

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