Dog Ear Cleaning

Keep Your Dog Clean

One of the most important parts of overall dog grooming is cleaning your dog’s ears. The question might be, “Why the ears specially?” Or, “Should it not be cleaned like the other parts of the body?”

The answer to these is that the ears are somewhat more sensitive than other parts of the body. This is because they are much more prone to harbouring specks of dirt and foreign materials than the other parts of the body.

As a result, it becomes easier for the ears to become infected, especially when compared to other parts of the body. This can be attributed to the very low airflow within the ears, as compared to other parts of the body. Thus, the ear canal can trap unwanted dirt.

Furthermore, the ear seems to be a natural target for insects such as fleas and ticks. They naturally perch on the ears, biting it and in the process, creating sores which can easily become open wounds. These open wounds can become sources of harmful microorganisms.

If this is not fixed fast, then it can easily become a much bigger issue. For one, it can grow into a more elaborate infection that can cause debilitating illnesses to your pet. This underscores the need for specialised ear care and cleaning.

Another reason why you should prioritise the cleaning of your dog’s ear is the fact that the ear is one of the most prominent parts of your dog’s body. It determines a crucial part of the dog’s overall beauty. Thus, it is important to ensure that they are properly and thoroughly cleaned and kept in the best state at all times so as to enhance your Pet’s beauty.

However, this is not something that you should have any worries about whatsoever. As part of our comprehensive dog care services, we have made adequate provisions for this. We passionately believe that your dog should have access to the best care they deserve. And we have made it our business to help you actualise that goal.

We have a team of properly trained, very passionate professionals who are skilled in different areas of dog care from pet walking and sitting to dog grooming, including ear cleaning. Our team has garnered several years of experience in dog care. They can detect any problems with your dog’s ear and go on to fix them.

cropped shot of professional groomer in apron cleaning ears of cute small furry dog
Macro ear of a jack russell dog

Frequency Of Dog's Ear Cleaning


One of the common questions that dog owners ask as regards dog ear cleaning is how frequent they should take their dogs for ear cleaning.

The simple answer to this is that there are a number of factors that go into determining this. For one, we should note that there are some breeds of dogs that are much more prone to contracting ear illnesses than others simply due to the physical structure of their ears. Thus, if your dog breed falls into this category, then you should consider taking it for ear cleaning a bit more frequently than the others.

However, while you are prioritising the health of your pet, you should avoid going overboard with ear cleaning. Too frequent ear cleaning may create irritation to the dog.

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