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Dog Washing

Benefits Of Washing Your Dog

A very important aspect of general grooming and care for your dog is washing. Although it might seem quite obvious, many still don’t realise the ample benefits that come with regular dog washing. Here, we list some of the obvious and more importantly, not-so-obvious advantages of getting your dog washed more often.

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Washing the dog

You love your dog and you always try to express that love to her. One of those days in which you do this is by constantly rubbing your hands around her and patting her.

But that will only happen if the dog has a clean coat and healthy skin. A dog with a smelly coat and dirty skin will not appeal to your touch and patting. You will do everything to avoid the dog, so you don't get some of that smell or dirt on yourself. The best way to remove all of these is to ensure that the dog undergoes bathing often.

There are a lot of processes and activities involved in comprehensive dog grooming and care, ranging from clipping to shampooing and much more. However, bathing is the most basic and paves the way for you to do others seamlessly.

Just as it is with humans, so also is it with our pets. Not bathing leads to the accumulation of dirt and smells. All of this breeds and attracts organisms that may likely cause diseases.

Knowing the importance of bathing your dog, it is important to note that you need to do that bathing quite often. Dogs do not need daily baths and cleaning like we do, but they still need quite regular bathing.

There are several arguments as to how often you should bathe your dog. Some recommend you do the bath just once every two months, and some even suggest slightly longer. However, most of these arguments ignore quality expert advice.

Generally, the regularity of your dog washing will depend on a number of factors. One of such is the environment in which your dog plays. Also, the dog's coat type also plays a factor, amongst others. Nevertheless, dog care experts highly recommend that you ensure your dog is bathed every two weeks. At worst, the bathing should be done once every month.

However, despite all the instructions above, you need time to be able to settle down to implement them and give your dog a good bath. This is nothing to worry about. It is our passion to help you give your pet the best available treatment, while you live your life to the fullest.

Our services are designed to give you the utmost best dog bathing experience you can ever get. For one, you don't need to move around to get your dog washed. We are very mobile and thus bring our services right to your doorstep. This saves you a lot of stress and even further conserves your time.

Furthermore, the products we use for our dog care are of the best quality. They are completely devoid of sulphur which causes adverse skin problems for a lot of dogs. Upon finishing the bathing process, we then take your dog through an array of post-bath treatment including conditioning spray, premium blow dry and much more

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