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Grooming and washing a dog is important to maintaining its health. Each dog however has its own unique traits. Generally, you should wash your dog every two to four weeks and groom it every six to eight weeks.

In this case, the best thing is to notify us first. We will bath the dog using a shampoo which we assure you is of top quality. Should you prefer that a specific brand be used, you only need to tell us this.

You may not always have time to care for your pet. Pet sitting is an arrangement where we pay several visits per day to take care of its needs. We will feed, play with your pet, check its health, and generally ensure that it does not feel lonely or bored.

To arrange a pet sitting plan, you can invite us for a meeting with you and your dog so that we all get familiar. That way, the dog will be more at ease having us around.

In an emergency situation with your pet we will notify you right away. We will detail the condition of your pet and you can ask that we go to see the vet immediately. Charges will apply.

All pet breeds are welcome for a bath. Regardless of the size, we are always able to wash them.

Because dogs naturally consider their home as their own turf, they do not feel at complete ease staying in a boarding kennel. Pet sitting is a way to give your dog the optimum comfort care and attention it desires.

When you are at work or simply need to be on holiday, you can invite us to spend time playing with your dog. Our staff are naturals at this so you can maintain your schedules without worrying.

As a way of maintaining trust and reassuring you of your pet's welfare, we are happy to keep you updated with calls, texts, mails and even pictures and videos of a relaxed and content dog. You can do this as many times during our visits as you want.

You do not have to worry about being present when we work. So long as we have access to needed water and power, we can do either when you are not there. A bath will normally take between ten to twenty minutes while grooming your dog can take a minimum of forty-five minutes to several hours, depending on the coat.

To enable us to protect your dog and the other animals we take care of, we require that you vaccinate your pet or provide us with a certificate of vaccination.

We know our way around dogs. To get it settled, we use a friendly, gentle and calming approach. This is to help us gain its trust.  A restraint will be used for protection if it is considered necessary.

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