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Flea + Tick Treatments

Tick and flea prevention

Fleas and ticks are a constant feature on the skins of many dogs. Many see them as normal, but they are not. As you will agree with us, Fleas and ticks on the body of your dog are potential health threats. Thus, you should pay attention to them and ensure they are removed as they appear.

Also, contrary to what many may think, fleas and ticks on the body of dogs are not indispensable features. They are not features that you are helpless against. You can rid them for good, or at least, for a very long time. We are here to provide you with all of the help you need.

Dangers Of Fleas And Ticks

Although fleas and ticks are a very popular feature on most dogs, it does not make them normal features that dogs always have. More than you think, these insects can be very dangerous and therefore should be treated with serious attention when they surface.

Fleas and ticks are not harmless. They go beyond causing irritation and actually directly cause diseases themselves.

One of such diseases they are highly responsible for causing is tapeworm infection. Fleas can transmit baby tapeworms into the digestive system of your dog, which then grows to become adults.

This tapeworm infection leads to weight loss, nutritional deficiency, and may even become much more severe than that. Another illness they are responsible for is flea-bite anemia.

When Fleas stay on the body of your dog, what they mostly do is suck blood. In just a space of a couple of weeks, one single flea on the boy of your dog can infect the dog with over a thousand of its blood-sucking descendants.

In the process, they create tiny sores which eventually irritate your dog. The obvious reaction of the dog is to scratch that surface in order to make the irritation go. In the process, the tiny sores can become bigger open wounds.

As you know, exposed wounds are a gateway through which many harmful organisms can gain entry into the body and in the process cause diseases.

As fleas and ticks suck the blood of your dog, they cause a gradual, although slow reduction in the blood count of the dog. This reduction in the blood, in turn, reduces your dog's general health and viability and, therefore, its ability to fight infections and diseases.

Also, the barrage of infections they expose your dog to will also cause the immune system to weaken under heavy pressure, which may lead to even more infections.

From the foregoing, you will agree with us that fleas and ticks on the body of your dog is something serious. Thus, you should pay particular attention to them when you see that they have started to form on your pet's body. The best way to treat your dog against these creatures is to consult us for professional help on flea and tick treatment.

First, we take the dog through thorough flea and tick removal. Then, we go about removing the effects of the fleas and tick on your dog. By the time we are done, your dog will emerge clean, healthy and safe.

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