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Introducing Your New Baby To The Family Dog

When babies come into a family, it is a wonderful moment of celebration and joy. They bring new life into the home and keep everyone happy. However, there are those in your house that have always had the spotlight. They don’t want it taken. The newcomer must as such be known.

In this article, we explain how you can prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby and how to help it get along.


Most of the things you do to get your dog used to a baby are before he’s actually there.  They will go on to dictate future tunes.

Unless they are accustomed to it, dogs do not find strangers’ presence or a change in status quo very appealing. They can react unfavourably especially when the new person cannot be predicted. The dog must therefore be conditioned so that it gets used to change even before it occurs.

You can start the process of this by reducing the attention that your dog gets. Since babies undoubtedly demand a lot of attention and care, teaching the dog to live without you for long periods is a good way to start. This will eventually make it less of a thing when the baby comes.

Also, getting the dog into the habit of obedience would be another way to go if you haven’t started. Dogs have a natural tendency to jump in welcome every time you arrive. These jumps, though cute, do not go well with a baby bump. That aside even, curiosity can defeat sense when the dog is investigating the baby.

Like placing a paw on the child, the animal’s actions will not always be suitable. As such, quality obedience training will adapt the dog to commands such as sitting or staying put.

For intensity, you can make the effort of acclimatising the dog to general baby tendencies. Owing to their nature, most dogs have little to no experience of children. They can get this through encounters in public spaces. Walking your dog through a park where there are many children will give it an idea of how to behave.

During these walks, the dog must be kept on a leash. He will observe children from a safe distance and steadily imbibe how they behave.

Moreover, to keep the house safe for the baby, you need to create a limit to interaction. Even when the dog is reliable, leaving the dog and kid without supervision can attract unpleasant results. To forestall this, you should start by keeping some places off-limits to the dog. This can be the baby’s room. When your pet learns that some places are not for him, he will not venture when the child arrives.

Finally, while enforcing obedience and setting limits are all well and good, the animal should not feel unhappy because of this. Introducing the idea of treats will encourage good results. For the dog to even show faster improvements, rewarding it is a great game. This way, the animal will not be reluctant to gratify you. After all, canines too can make good deals.

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