Mobile Cat Grooming

Step-by-step Guide To Cat Grooming

Cats are fast becoming the favourite pets all over the world. In fact, as they become more popular, they stand the chance to displace dogs. Just as with dogs, cats require a lot of attention. You need to oversee their bathing and grooming, nutrition and general health. On this, we have got you covered.

We offer a range of mobile cat grooming services.

Cat Bathing, Hair Clipping And Care

For one, we offer hair clipping services for your cat. This can be a mild hair cut or even a thorough shave.

Furthermore, we provide top-notch bathing services for your cat. In doing so, we make use of the best cleaning and bathing products. Our bathing services are properly tailored to the particular skin type of your cat.

We cater for most types of cat skins, ranging from oily to dry and matted ones. After bathing, we offer high-quality post-bathing services to bring out the beauty of your cat.

Taking proper care of your cat’s hair is quite important. This is due to a number of reasons. For one, if not properly catered for, the hairs will become dirty, unkempt and will start to generate unpleasant odours.

All of these work together to attract all sorts of organisms including ticks and other insects. These insects end up biting the cats on their skins causing blisters and sores. This is more of a big issue considering the fact that cat skins are quite delicate and therefore susceptible to a lot of harm.

These blisters and sores, if not well catered for, can become bigger issues. For instance, they can harbour infections that have the capacity to cause diseases and illnesses to your cat.

However, with our comprehensive care, we provide thorough bathing of the hair, in the process removing all foreign and harmful materials. Our post-bath treatments will keep all types of insects away from very long periods of time.

Nail Care

Many people might not believe this, but your cat’s nails are quite important parts of the body of the cat. This is because the nails can cause some serious issues not only for your cat but for yourself. This is especially true in the case of long and unkempt nails.

When the nails of your cat are long, they can easily gather and harbour harmful microorganisms that are capable of causing diseases. Then, when they have sores as a result of bites from ticks and other insects, they tend to have skin irritation.

To fix this irritation, they do use these long nails to scratch the surfaces of the sores. What happens is that the sores get even larger, potentially leading to serious health issues.

Then, the nails can be used to cause damage on your surfaces and materials such as furniture around the household. The combination of these and more underscore the need for you to pay some level of attention to your cat’s nails.

However, we provide quality, top-notch nail care services. Apart from thorough cleaning, we provide painless sharpening of the claws. We carefully help you trim the nails to sizable and safe levels. More importantly, we help you fix appropriate, but colourful nail caps. These nail caps will properly fit the nails of your cat and they usually grow naturally with the actual nails.

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